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MC Shadow ft: Sarah Beatty​

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JUNO award winner DEDOS creates covers for MC Shadow

JUNO award winner DEDOS creates covers

August 27, 2015 – Vancouver. Two time JUNO award winner artist Nelson “DEDOS” Garcia, has been commissioned to do the cover artwork for the upcoming…

British Knights sported by GLC

ARCHIVED – Original Date: February 1988 In recognition of the groups support for the brand, Larry Schwartz sent exclusive pieces of British Knights apparel (not…
Magazine Article June 1988

STREETSOUND Magazine – June 1988

ARCHIVED – Original Date: June 1988 “The Get Loose Crew ride on the success of their first EP distributed by Electric, produced by their own…

About East Park

East Park Productions is a Canadian independent record label and production company established in Toronto in 1987. The label was formed to support the release of its sole act the Get Loose Crew due to the lack of major record labels in the country willing to sign local Hip Hop acts at the time.

Kory Neely (MC Shadow) attended a meeting on behalf of Get Loose Crew in Scarborough, Ontario at Electric Distribution where after much debate, he successfully convinced executive Dominic Zgarka to enter into a global distribution agreement for their soon to be released record. The distribution agreement was originally to be for the Canadian territory and released in in December 1987.  

It was not the first independent hip hop label in Canada, though it is credited for the release of the first Canadian Hip Hop record to achieve international sales. The formation of this company marked it as only one of two Hip-Hop independent record labels in Toronto and Canada. Beat Factory Records in Pickering was the first to be established and ultimately secured distribution from a major US record label.

The unendorsed distribution agreement was in place (in principle) November 1987 with the intention of releasing the GLC record in December during the Christmas season. After evaluating the overwhelming competition with established artists and seasonal themed recordings, the release was intentionally delayed until February 1988 along with the endorsement of the Agreement.

With the endorsed Agreement in February 1997, the Get Loose Crew (P Line) “EPP-001” became the first Canadian authentic Hip Hop mini album manufactured in Canada and sold internationally. To this point, only 12” domestic products had been produced without known or recognized distribution and no Canadian Hip-Hop record had been sold outside of Canada. The Get Loose Crew record was considered a mini-LP, (or EP) having only four individual tracks with four accompanying instrumentals…

DEMO POLICY: East Park Productions and its employees do not accept, or consider, unsolicited sound recordings, musical compositions or any other creative materials. We do not receive, open and do not listen to unsolicited material.