“TDot Pioneers” Hip Hop” Exhibit

DJ Jel, Dalton Higgins, MC Rumble, Citizen Kane, MC Shadow, MC B aka B Kool aka Carlito, Johnbronski Adams,

ARCHIVED – Original Date: March 2010

T-DOT PIONEERS EXHIBIT – An interactive community timeline designed to engage members of the hip hop community in documenting their own histories and to identify the Pioneers in Toronto and Canadian Hip-Hop.

In March 2010, the Toronto Free Gallery hosted an exhibit called T-Dot Pioneers: An Exploration of Toronto Hip Hop History and Culture.

The exhibit featured items from the birth of Toronto Hip-Hop including old photographs, posters, vinyl, and awards.

Featured at the exhibit and prominently displayed was the Get Loose Crew album (photo: DJ Jel (chris jackson) with Get Loose Crew Album T-Dot Pioneers Exhibit) and the 1991 JUNO won by (GLC alum) Carl Badwa (aka MC B, aka Carlito) in his solo undertaking as B-Kool with Simply Majestic. Chris "DJ Jel" Jackson at T-Dot Pioneers Hip-Hop Exhibit prominently displays Get Loose Crew record         Chris "DJ Jel" Jackson at T-Dot Pioneers Hip-Hop Exhibit with Get Loose Crew record prominently displayed

This was the first time in over a decade that Get Loose Crew members had come together. They gave interviews with the local media providing perspectives on a lost generation of Hip-Hop and confirming roots in a rich local music culture dating back to the early 1980s.

Carl MC B aka B Kool aka Carlito and Chris DJ Jel Jackson at the Tdot Pioneers Exhibit with the Get Loose Crew record on display

The exhibit coincided with the launch of a new Canadian Hip-Hop website, Northside Hip Hop, which featured Get Loose Crew as pioneers in Canadian Hip-Hop music.  Northside Hip Hop – “Get Loose Crew”


Dr. Mark V. Campbell Interview with DJ Mastermind ( Paul Parhar)

Dr. Campbell:The title of the exhibition Tdot Pioneers is taken from a kneedeep record from the 1990’s. Here is the logo I just stumbled upon this one day and I was wondering what do you think constitutes a T-Dot Pioneer and why should the next generation bother with even asking these questions?”

DJ Mastermind: “A “T-Dot Pioneer” is someone who in some way big or small made a contribution to help shape the current atmosphere of Hip-Hop culture in Toronto (and Canada on a whole). It could be a breaker or a dancer, a DJ, an MC, radio host, a manager, etc.” 

 – source: Tdot Pioneers, The Trilogy (Published on Aug 27, 2015) c 2015 Mark V. Campbell