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“CBC Hip Hop Summit” Celebrates 25 Years of Canadian Hip Hop

ARCHIVED – Original Date: April 2011.

Based upon the foundation and success of the T-Dot Pioneers Exhibit, (see the Post here… ) Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) held a Hip-Hop Summit April 1-3, 2011 with a live recorded show commemorating the genres history, hosted in the Glenn Gould Studio within the CBC building in Toronto.

The celebration was a red-carpet event and displayed items such as photographs, flyers, vinyl cassettes and other paraphernalia now considered artifacts.

Chris Jackson (DJ JEL) was instrumental in proposing the idea for the live recorded show at CBC based upon his continued presence and long-standing relationships in the industry.  He brought together and united the founders to create a summit paying respect to Canadian Hip-Hop by documenting its history through performance over several days. Jackson conducted interviews with many of the attendees which included some of the Pioneers and Architects in Canadian Hip-Hop music. Many of them were not included in the Summit or presented during the event.

Carl Badwa (aka MC B, aka B Kool aka Carlito) with Chris DJ Jel Jackson at the CBC Hip Hop Summit   

While the crew did not unify for a performance, the group’s album was displayed on the iconic Glenn Gould Studio Wall and in a showcase, with an homage paid to the group on stage by summit host/artist Buck 65 during the closing show. Get Loose Crew alum Carl Badwa did take the stage and receive recognition for his musical contributions and succeses.

Get Loose Crew record on display Glenn Gould Wall - CBC Hip Hop Summit 2011         

THRUST with Carl MC B aka B Kool aka Carlito Badwa on stage CBC Hip Hop Summit 2011            

During an interview with CBC at the summit Neely commented “I was a kid…in high school. I rode on the Kennedy bus; we signed a distribution deal and now 23 years later we are a part of music history. It is an indescribable feeling to realize that we’re not just artists, we are pioneers in Canadian Hip-Hop music, and we have a legacy for all time. Something for Toronto and Canada to be proud of. I am humbled and proud to be part of this page in Canadian music”

Kory MC Shadow Neely on the Red Carpet at CBC Hip-Hop Summit 2011                  MC Shadow points to Get Loose Crew record on display on Glen Gould Studio Wall CBC Hip Hop Summit 2011