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“DJ Shadow uses Get Loose Crew Vocals in Concert Tribute wordplay”

ARCHIVED – Original Date: 2002.

Not to be confused with the Get Loose Crew Hip-Hop artist and rapper MC Shadow, DJ Shadow, is an American DJ, songwriter and record producer who has toured the United States and abroad.

During a recorded concert in London England at the Brixton Academy and in performance with fellow notable DJ’s Cut Chemist, and DJ Numark performing live and on the 2002 DJ Shadow DVD “Live! In Tune & On Time” he utilizes a vocal excerpt in his introduction crediting MC Shadow.

Historically in Hip-Hop, common tributes among artists where vocals from one song were used in a mix or song of another. This was often to use a “phrase” or other verbalization (vocalization) in battles or tributes. Sometimes they were merely convenient to reflect dialogue from the DJ to the crowd or to send a message or invoke a response in a battle between them in a competition or performance.

During the 2002 Concert, to the delight and cheering of the crowd, vocals were used from the Get Loose Crew record (1988) which featured an exchange between MC Shadow and MC B in the opening of the track “WANNABE”. The exchange (includes) which names “MC Shadow” or simply “Shadow” in “Yo Shadow, what’s up” – (from) MC B to MC Shadow, in which Shadow replies “Nothin’ man just chillin“… – MC Shadow.

Live! In Tune and on Time is a live album by American hip hop producer DJ Shadow, released on June 15, 2004 by DJ Shadow. Recorded in 2002 at Brixton Academy in London, it features tracks and samples from past albums as well as his work with UNKLE and Quannum. The album was released on double vinyl LP and as a CD/DVD set, and the DVD contains additional tracks and material.

The footage is contained in the DJ Shadow DVD “Live! In Tune & On Time” with a social media post of the original full length concert can be found here: Pushing Buttons – DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, DJ Numark (2002)

The interaction and use of the vocal in the concerts interaction can be briefly viewed below: