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“First Rap JUNO” (technically) goes to Get Loose Crew alum.

ARCHIVED – Original date: 1991.

Former Get Loose Crew member MC B (Carl Badwa) achieves music industry success with a JUNO award for “Best R&B/Soul Recording of the Year” for his “Dance to the Music“.


Badwa changed his moniker from “MC B” to B-Kool and joined Simply Majestic as a feature act under Capitol / EMI Records after departing the Get Loose Crew. In 1991 he won R&B/Soul Recording of the Year for the song “Dance to the Music (Work Your Body)” It is notable that in 1994 he was nominated for the song “Gotta Get Over“, from his solo album “Mellow Madness”.

The music track which features his rap vocals established itself as a controversial historical achievement for Badwa.

The award is controversial on the basis of two factors. Firstly, the song itself was miscategorized as an R&B or Soul recording and should have been in the Rap category. Secondly, and as a matter of technicality the award was presented to Badwa during the afternoon’s non-televised ceremony later that evening. Notwithstanding its Rap content, Rap Recording of the Year, and regarded as the first Rap JUNO awarded was presented to Maestro Fresh Wes (Wesley Williams) several hours later on the same date during the televised portion of the award ceremony in Vancouver, British Columbia at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. On the basis of these facts; technically Badwa’s 91 win is ultimately the first rap recording to earn a JUNO award in Canadian Music (and Hip-Hop in Canada) History.

*UPDATED – Further credit to his achievements include; appearing alongside Self Defense (GLC alum Chris DJ Jel Jackson & Stanley McCook) to participate in the super group Dance Appeal which received a JUNO Award nomination for Best R&B/Soul recording Can’t Repress the Cause in 1991. Badwa later adopted the moniker Carlito which he further achieved success with recordings, video and television appearances.