“LOST” Chapter 2 – on location

April 2017 -Toronto.

With the first chapter “Resurrection” wowing audiences, Manee Osman Films endeavors into the second installment “LOST“.

Resurrection, establishes the setting in the backdrop of a metropolitan city and follows four associates who came together to effect a colossal bank heist ending with a climactic revelation of a traitor among them that switched out their loot with Circus Flyers.

Part Two Lost, continues the story that there is a thief and treacherous turncoat among them and is slowly killing members of the crew as the Police are closing in on them. Followers of the trilogy are immersed deeper into the story with each character’s demise followed by a series of plot twists that lead into the final chapter “Lullaby of Pain” – where all is revealed!

The second chapter is a step UP from part one and includes incredible locations and elaborate sets to continue the exciting story! Locations include: the rooftop of the 43 Story RBC Tower one of the tallest buildings in Toronto, the gun range of the Burlington Rifle & Revolver Club, Danger Boy FX company performs a pyrotechnic fire stunt and the Village Cigar Company barbershop is of the episodes most chilling and epic scenes…





The final chapter (Lullaby of Pain) reveals the identity of the killer with a breathtaking ending filmed on location in Las Vegas and uncovers the turn of events throughout the journey of deception, betrayal, and murder.

The project features international model Melissa Night, Toronto actors; Paul Lamb, Afroz Khan and  Eric Parris with a special appearance from Miss World Canada 2014 delegate Yarine Pernia. Shadow portrays the films protagonist and serves as Producer and involved as a co-writer on the project.

Each installment is edited into both a three-minute Television Music Video format and a seven-minute Directors Cut that would serve (independently) as a Short Film. Each installment can be viewed individually and collectively and serve as individual chapters of a complete story dubbed The Trilogy.

The three Directors Cut versions will be ultimately edited into a twenty-one-minute short film to be premiered at a Red-Carpet event in Hollywood California and submitted to Film Festivals.