Lost pyrotechnics stunt Tome Comet Danger Boy

DANGER BOY “Lost” video pyrotechnic stunt

March 2017 – Toronto.

The location for LOST got heated with excitement as professional stuntman Tom Comet of special FX company Danger Boy was ablaze for the crew filming the second installment of MC Shadow video trilogy!


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Following the first chapter ‘Resurrection‘, part 2 “Lost” picks up after the crew learned that there is a traitor among them and replaced their ill gotten gains with circus flyers. Adding insult to injury (on the flyer) are the words “The game has just begun“.

With the generosity of owner Michael Karakas, Kach Inc. in Burlington, was the location for the spectacular assassination scene where one of the trilogies most grandiose characters Adam “Blowtorch” Stevens (played by Paul Lamb) met with his demise – on film.

Tom Comet, (retired) an accomplished stuntman and world record holder for juggling three running chainsaws had the crew on set in stunned silence as he was set ablaze in series of burns to the delight of Director Manee Osman and the awe of invited guests.

After years of performance he is the Head at Danger Boy focusing full-time on creating the pyro, rigging and special effects solutions that are what makes his special effects company an astounding experience to witness. Due to a scheduling glitch, he was kind enough to briefly come out of retirement and accommodate the production by performing the stunts himself.

* under no circumstances should anyone, at any time try to attempt the stunts shown in our production or the outtakes. Tom Comet and stunt professionals like him are rare and possess the skills, experience, knowledge, and specialized training that a VERY select group of stunt professionals possess. At all times “safety” of Tom, his crew and our people is and was the first priority.

Tom Comet of Danger Boy burns for Lost

The final product can be seen in the Director’s Cut (extended version) of part 2 “Lost”. The short version includes a few frames of display only, due to the nature of the broadcast restrictions depicting violence and more importantly people set on fire!

watch the video here: “LOST”

Directors Cut can be seen here:

“LOST – extended version”