Front Men Poster for pilot featuring MC Shadow song 'Doin' it all night"

“Front Men” TV pilot scores MC Shadow song


2016 – Hollywood, CA

Previously unreleased song ‘Doin’ It All Night’ by MC Shadow has been featured in the US Television comedy series pilot Front Men. The Jon Simon creation, Directed by Neil D’Monte is a pending release with one of the (CONFIDENTIAL) big streaming services.

From the Catalog of MC Shadow’s unreleased material, the song was originally recorded in 1991 is briefly featured in the Pilot “ORIGINS

The original version of the song was written in 1991, produced by Len Grant with Kory Neely (aka MC Shadow) at the studios of Midiland International in Pickering, Ontario. The track remained dormant as part of a number of songs intended for release on an album titled “Unreleased” under the group name JUST Me; featuring Kaye Sargeant. The duo teamed up to several create R&B/Rap style songs in the early 1990’s which were included on compilation CD’s for MIRGIN/UKA records in Canada. It was among other unreleased material in the artists catalog and anticipated to be adopted by the comedy series.

The song marks the first featured work of MC Shadow to be included in Television or Film.

Directed by Neil D’Monte, it is a modern day Robin Hood tale that finds three diverse, life-long friends finding their purpose in life by conning the powers that be in order to level the playing field for women and minorities. An irreverent, comedic TV series with all the delicious ingredients of Catch Me If You Can, Ocean’s 8 + 11, Wedding Crashers, Charlie’s Angels, The Nice Guys, The Good Guys, Robin Hood, The Princess Bride, Confidence, The Sting, Beverly Hills Cop, and Trading Places.

The Red Carpet premiere of the pilot is set for June 2018 at the LA Downtown Theatre in Hollywood, California.

Catch the Front Men series here: Front Men IMDB