“Eleanor’s” appearance steals the show

April 2015. – Toronto (On location)

Production continues for the Manee Osman FilmsResurrection” trilogy production featuring MC Shadow (Kory Neely) as Jake Le Font.

It was a breathtaking moment for cast and crew with the unloading and appearance of “Eleanor” on the set.

Eleanor custom 1967 Mustang on Resurrection set in Toronto unloaded on Queen Street      Eleanor custom 1967 Mustang on Resurrection set in Toronto

One of the centerpieces for the production is a custom built “ELEANOR” 1967 Ford Mustang at estimated value of approximately $800,000. She makes her debut in the opening of the video with James (Kory Neely) and accomplice Jake (Eric Parris) scoping the exterior of a Bank.


Transported in a secured trailer to the filming location on Queen Street in downtown Toronto, “Eleanor” turned heads as she was revealed to the cast & crew and numerous onlookers as they stopped to take photos. Filming was delayed briefly as car enthusiasts and the curious engaged the production with questions and surprise at the remarkable custom and rare collectable. Most notably recognized in the Nicolas Cage film “Gone in 60 Seconds”, the 1967 Ford Mustang more affectionately known as “Eleanor” is incredibly rare and iconic, fetching upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction.

This auto was a custom, ground up work of art featured with a rare convertible version, hand crafted leather interior & accessories from Italy and modern day luxury upgrades that include an iPad in the dashboard.

Dom“, the owner and friend to the production is a collector and car enthusiast. His generosity cannot be understated and the gratitude and appreciation by all was included in the credit roll of the Directors Cut. The modest mechanic John Miles, owner of Vintage Performance and Restorations who was kind enough to transport the vehicle to set has spent months on the project and has beautified some incredible vintage cars.


While Eleanor’s presence intensified the quality of the project. Manee Osman Films is set to deliver even more epic locations, effects and surprises in the second installment “Lost” slated for production in 2017.