1 King West Vault set for Resurrection Heist!

2015 – Toronto.


One King West Hotel & Residence (or 1 King West) is the site of the heritage Dominion Bank Building (1914), a popular film location and tourist attraction in Toronto; itself an early 13-storey skyscraper and the set for the big heist in the first installment – Resurrection – Manee Osman Films

Located in the financial district of Toronto, Ontario the location features the historic 2 storey, 40 tonne steel frame Dominion Bank Headquarters vault built in 1914 and now designated a heritage site. Notable films RED (Bruce Willis), Jumper and Max Payne (Mark Wahlberg) have used the vault in their productions.

Resurrection was filmed August 31, 2015 and edited in two versions as the first chapter of a three part original short film and music video project slated for release in film festivals.

The Directors Cut version is approximately seven minutes in length (you can watch here) with MC Shadow as character James Le Font leading a crew of robbers pulling off a Bank Vault heist. The short version was edited for commercial music airplay.


This subterranean, historic, marvel is a two-story, solid steel vault with a forty-tonne door. Nineteen horses and eight teamsters hauled it into place in 1914. It is accessible from the main lobby of the hotel by way of a magnificent wide marble staircase.


Neely and Lamb break into the vault with an oversized hydraulic drill and bypass a large pile of cash for drawers full of bearer bonds.


The location was also used for the exclusive Premiere and launch party of Chapter 1 – Resurrection in August 2015.