British Knights sported by GLC

ARCHIVED – Original Date: February 1988

In recognition of the groups support for the brand, Larry Schwartz sent exclusive pieces of British Knights apparel (not available in Canada) for the group to wear at performances, interviews, and other events.

New York City apparel company British Knights (aka Schwartz Shoes Inc.), is a small, family-owned company with four generations of experience in the footwear industry who incorporated the fresh energy of hip hop music and the explosive colors of graffiti art into their product line. Hip Hoppers everywhere embraced and demanded to be associated with or be the first to sport the newest unseen and rare inaccessible brand of shoes and other apparel.

In a February 1988, on behalf of the (Get Loose Crew) group Kory Neely (aka MC ShadowGet Loose Crew) sent a letter to British Knights (BK), in an effort to solicit a clothing endorsement for the group. Larry Schwartz (nephew of founder Jack Schwartz) responded to the letter advising that “unfortunately the company could not sponsor Get Loose Crew“, indicating that “they (BK) were already engaged in a campaign for rapper Kool Moe Dee and not taking on any other commitments at the time“. Mr. Schwartz went to recognize the support and sent a box containing exclusive pieces of British Knights apparel (not available in Canada) for the group to wear as ad hoc promotion of the brand at performances, interviews and other events.

While not a form of an official sponsorship of their group, the gesture was received by the group as an unofficial recognition from the company and an exclusive opportunity for the group to promote the brand north of the border. The group sported and discussed the brand in a television interview and performance for CBC Television show Switchback; and both Chris “DJ Jel” Jackson and Neely prominently displaying the clothier on the cover of the Get Loose Crew record.