Museum of Canadian Music inducts Get Loose Crew

Museum of Canadian Music adds MC Shadow

April 19, 2021 – Alberta, CANADA.

Museum of canadian Music inducts Get Loose Crew

On the heels of the Get Loose Crew being added to the Museum of Canadian Music earlier this month, MC Shadow follows in the footpath of his brothers in music…

The spring of 2021 saw the official recognition of the Get Loose Crew’s Canadian musical accomplishment. Inducted into the Canadian Museum of Music in Alberta, it signaled the long-awaited official affirmation of the groups contribution in Hip-Hop and ultimately enshrining them as artists in Canadian music.

It’s the largest private collection of Canadian music in the world. The only larger collection would be at the Library and Archives of Canada with approximately *150000. CBC and a few radio stations have upwards of *120000 but it is unknown what the Canadian content is and the government owns all that.” – Robert Williston

Williston, Curator and Director of the Museum of Canadian Music created the “Canadian Music Discovery Project” back in 1988, building a Canadian music database from his own personal collection of Canadian music. He had a bi-weekly radio show called “The Peaking Canuck Show” on CiTR in Vancouver, British Columbia from 1990-1992 and was trained by “NARDWUAR – The Human Serviette.” As of July 2010, the collection had grown to contain over 90,000 artifacts, representing the largest private collection of Canadian music artifacts on earth. This project will make this important collection accessible featuring them as for play only on MOM site and pointing to artists own sites for purchase. as of 2010 there are more than 700 artists featured.

The collection contains rare photos, memorabilia and recordings from MC Shadow which also include material from the Get Loose Crew; as well as copies of documents, song sheets etc. With the evolving curiosity into the origins of Canadian Hip-Hop music; it’s history, origins and pioneers, the legacy of MC Shadow and more importantly his contributions with the Get Loose Crew will be preserved for many years to come.

*Due to sampling laws established after the creation of the Get Loose Crew album, the record cannot be manufactured or reproduced and resold without the clearance of some of the samples contained in some songs. The material can be found in the free & fair use domain while vinyl copies are available and sold online in Vinyl Collection Communities such as Discogs and at some record collector stores.