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Get Loose Crew photo featured in Documentary

DOCUMENTARY “Drop the Needle” features Get Loose Crew images

March 2022 – Toronto, ON

A brief tribute to the Get Loose Crew included in the upcoming Canadian documentary “Drop the Needle”, the group are featured in a 1987 photograph taken in the basement studio in Jacksons house.

Produced by Canterbury Productions, the film features local iconic record store Play de Record that played an important role in the coming of age of Toronto hip-hop.

While the documentary focuses a lot on Play De Record, it explores some of the history in Toronto’s Hip Hop and features 2 photos from the early 1980’s when the group Get Loose Crew were together and associated with them hanging out together as a group during a scene narrated by Ron Nelson.

The second photo on screen shows Jacksons studio set up with turntables, mixer and speakers while the surrounding walls are covered with posters of American hip hop artists. The scene focuses on Nelson as he explains the challenges artists faced; with a lack of professional studio equipment being the main point.

Watch the Trailer here:  Trailer – “Drop the Needle” Documentary 2022