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“University of Toronto academic research study includes Get Loose Crew alum…”

Toronto – The Jackman Humanities Institute at the University of Toronto undertook an academic study, the first of its kind in Canada, exploring the history of Toronto Hip-Hop in relation to the contributions of artists to the national and cultural history of Canada. The research project focuses on the historical period of 1985 – 2020 tracing the history of Toronto Hip-Hop, and the relationship that Hip-Hop practitioners and culture industry professionals have had to the music marketplace and creative industries in both the City of Toronto and Canada more broadly.

It explores how the Toronto Hip-Hop scene has unfolded over the past thirty-five years, and how the members of this arts community developed an infrastructure to support their artistic expression in spite of industry practices that have limited, excluded, and marginalized their participation in the Canadian music marketplace

Each of the members of the Get Loose Crew were identified as “prominent members of “Toronto’s Hip Hop history and the history of Canada’s culture industries” by Dr. Francesca D’Amico-Cuthbert PhD of the Jackman Humanities Institute, at the University of Toronto. She has acknowledged and enshrined their contributions individually and has identified them collectively as “Architects in the Canadian Hip-Hop Music scene” The Get Loose Crews direct contributions, efforts, and memorabilia as Hip-Hop artists from the early years in 1984 through to 2021 have been officially documented into the Canadian Council of Archives (CCA), a joint initiative of CCA, the Provincial and Territorial Archival Networks, and Library and Archives Canada (LAC).